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Make sure that your publications and non-traditional research outputs are in My Publications

*(Can't login to My Publications? Please read below.)

It is especially important to make sure that your publications for the time period 2011-2016 are included, even if you weren't at La Trobe at the time.

Many of your publications may have been included automatically and some may have been auto-claimed for you. Please check that these are correct, and claim or reject any ones that have not been auto-claimed.

Please manually add details for any journal articles, reports, books chapters and books that are missing.


Non-traditional research outputs

Please add details of any non-traditional research outputs which are not present.  For creative works, please complete a 250 word Research Statement.


Providing evidence for research outputs

Please send evidence of research outputs to


*Can't login to My Publications?

If you are a La Trobe staff member or Higher Degree by Research student and you can't login to My Publications please email with these details:

  • your name
  • your staff or student number (staff number if you are both staff and student)
  • your La Trobe username (staff username if you are both staff and student)
  • your La Trobe email address (staff email if you are both staff and student)
  • a request to get access to My Publications


Please add your ORCiD to My Publications to improve harvesting

If you haven't added your ORCiD you will be prompted to when you log in.  If you don't have an ORCiD you can create one through this process.

Can I just type in my ORCiD number if I know it?

No, because the My Publications/ORCiD linkage needs your authorisation. If you click "Add ORCiD" you'll go to the ORCiD site to confirm your ID; sign in to your ORCiD account in the lower half of the page and click "authorise". Your ID will then be linked to La Trobe.

Create a new ORCiD

For a new ORCiD select "Personal Account" and "Register now" on the ORCiD page. Follow the steps. You'll be brought back to My Publications and your ORCiD identifier will be in your profile.

What are ORCiD identifiers?

They are digital identifiers for researchers which are free, issued instantly, widely recognised and don't belong to any university or other institution. They can be linked to institutions to which researchers are affiliated and can move with them when ORCiD account details are updated (e.g. adding new institutional links and removing old ones).

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